weniger erwarten.. abwarten. – expect less.. wait and see.

Ten years have past since Windows 98 conquered our homes, so its time to do take stock. Considerable advances in demand and supply, big leaps to use newest opportunities, that is one side. On the other hand there is an increasing lack in security, demands for new technology as well as the question of cost. All this induced different organisations already, to consider new ways of restoration or even revolution for our WWW.

The current net can’t do everything. It can do much, but can’t make dreams come true. It widens the horizon, sails around the world, but the promised land is still far.

The main problem might be the unstoppable grow, so that technique and resources just can’t cope with the consume of the net users. Like China, where a growing mass of consumers develops a threatening need for satisfaction, also the internet is more and more overrun by people aiming to still their hunger for consume. Apparently, our current network will give up soon. But also handiness of soft- and hardware seems to be out of date. Either people use the fragile windows operating system or the one by greedy Apple, eager to eat your money respective your music files. Only in recent years systems like “Linux” were uploaded, so people without knowledge of advanced computer language can use them. Opera or Firefox are arising out of the community system. They seem to be important landmarks for that movement which could turn into an emergent wonder in terms of output and efficiency of the social communities. Hardware on the other side is marching more and more into compact forms. Different functions are accumulated in one devise, soon your ipod could be the initial point for all the operations you are aiming to – TV, internet, turn off the light when you want to sleep.. (ta, jolly)

But in order to direct into new levels, one has to learn out of old faults. A reflection of the base seems necessary. While the hot tempered Columbus of the WWW was following the stars and the wind, nowadays chairmen use GPS and rational orientated think tanks.

Already now adaptation and advance take place. IPSec or DiffServ aiming to give the user more security and leave all decisions to him, while Mobile IP for instance trying to solve different problems at once. The emerge into a new IP-address area is one of such advantages.

FIND and FIRE in turn navigating toward “Future Internet”, wanting a revolution of the entire system. Just the question lasts, which of these versions will succeed in installing a newer better network..

The FIND-Project Meeting will take place on 8th and 9th of April, while FIRE just started at the beginning of the year and goes for two years; so lets wait and see. This blog sets itself a goal to observe, comment and release further „Gedankenspiele“ (mind work) on the topic, so stay tuned!

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